Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 9 Reflection

Photographing house: 1 hour
Assembling prints: 4 hours
Drawing on prints: 13 hours
Working on thesis: 4 hours

This week I finished assembling the prints that I did before break, and I colored the smaller two. I really enjoyed working with the smaller size, and I think I'd like to continue working with various sizes. For the book, I've decided that I want to have the poems printed along with the grayscale pastel drawings. I want to keep it simple and clean. I think I'll get it printed through an online site, but as Janie pointed out, I need to get going on it to make sure it's printed in time.

I'd like to stay
in today,
rather not open
the door
to step outside.
Inside it's warm
and quiet,
blinds turned
to let sunshine
bleach walls.
And the spot on the
couch, waiting
to hold me,
feet tucked

I used to sit
on the tan floral couch
while mom did aerobics
in the morning.
The living room
full of light, soft,
like the feathers we
picked up by the river
to make pillows.
The woman on the screen,
long blond hair with bangs,
demonstrating stretches,
a soothing voice
over soothing music,
timed breathing
to measure heart rate,
walk in place.

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  1. Hi Chrissy, I love these, they are beautiful. We had such a great time, thanks for going with us. Have a wonderful week. Love, Terri