Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 10 Reflection

Working on book: 5.5 hours
Pastel drawings: 6 hours
Drawing on print: 13.5 hours

This week I did a couple more pastel drawings. I'm going to have these drawings printed alongside the poetry in a book, so I'd like to do a few more drawings in the next week. I'd like to get the book ordered by the end of next week to make sure it gets here on time. So, I need to take better photos of the drawings, edit the poems, and get the book completely formatted by then. I'm going to need a lot of input next week about the poems, the order of the poems, font, titles, alignment, format, etc. It will be a busy week.

I'm still not finished with this print, but it's close. I need to finish it up so I can start coloring the next one and keep printing. Once I have the book set to go, I'll just be printing and coloring nonstop.

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